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  • MarShield at SNMMI 2024

    Join MarShield at the 2024 SNMMI Annual Meeting in Toronto

    The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting is a cornerstone event that brings together industry professionals to explore the latest advancements in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The 2024 SNMMI Annual Meeting will take place from June 8th to 11th in Toronto, Canada. MarShield is excited to attend this premier event, […]

  • Choosing the Right Radiation Shielding: Factors Considered by a Shielding Materials Expert

    Choosing the Right Radiation Shielding: Factors Considered by a Shielding Materials Expert

    The Importance of Radiation Protection Across Industries Radiation Protection is an important field across a wide range of industries, from healthcare and medical imaging to nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and non-destructive testing. ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) is a principle that strives to minimize the exposure of ionizing radiation to people and the environment […]

  • Radiation Protection for Dental Applications from MarShield

    In the realm of dental health, patient safety and regulatory compliance are paramount, particularly when it comes to the use of X-ray technology. X-ray imaging is a cornerstone of modern dental diagnostics, providing invaluable insights into oral health and aiding in the detection and treatment of dental issues. However, the use of radiation, despite its […]

  • Advanced Radiation Shielding Solutions for the Medical, Nuclear Energy and Medicine, & NDT Industries

    At MarShield, our expertise spans across various industries, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. From medical facilities to nuclear energy plants, non-destructive testing (NDT) environments, and medical imaging facilities, we’ve got you covered! Explore our solutions for the following industries: Medical Radiation Shielding Nuclear Shielding NDT Shielding   Medical Shielding […]

  • X-Ray Shielding Solutions: Wall Panels and Modular Control Booths for Enhanced Radiation Protection

      In medical and industrial environments, ensuring safety from harmful radiation is paramount. The integration of X-ray shielding lead-lined wall panels with modular control booths presents a comprehensive approach to safeguarding both patients and professionals in a variety of applications and industries. MarShield’s innovative solutions stand at the forefront of medical shielding, offering enhanced radiation […]

  • Nuclear Radiation Shielding Solutions From MarShield

    At MarShield, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of custom radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy industry. Our commitment to safety, precision, and innovation drives us to offer a wide range of products and materials specifically designed for nuclear radiation protection. We understand the unique challenges faced by the nuclear sector and […]

  • MarShield Borated Polyethylene Shielding Solutions

    MarShield Supplies Plasti-Shield ® Boron Filled Polyethylene Shielding: A Lightweight, Cost-Effective Neutron Shielding Solution. Plasti-Shield ® Boron Filled Polyethylene Neutron Shielding, supplied by MarShield, is a lightweight, cost-effective neutron shielding solution to attenuate and absorb neutron radiation and is an extremely effective for applications in industrial, healthcare cancer treatment centers, diagnostic and hospital facilities. Most […]

  • Happy Holidays from The Mars Metal Group of Companies

    On behalf of the Mars Metal Group of Companies, we want to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. We want to extend our appreciation to everyone who supported us this year, and we look forward to what 2024 holds! Best wishes for this upcoming year, and we look forward to servicing you […]

  • MarShield Provides Highest-Quality Lead Glass for the Medical, Industrial, and Nuclear Industries

    Lead glass is widely used in the medical, industrial, and nuclear industries and is essential in protecting employees from harmful radiation. Lead glass is usually placed into a lead-lined frame built into a wall or door. Some of the applications for lead glass include, observation viewing windows, mobile shielding protection, protection panels for check-up systems, […]

  • Custom Multi-Drawer Lead Lined Storage Cabinets for a Premier National Laboratory

    MarShield, a leader in radiation shielding solutions, was once again selected by the largest mid-west National Laboratory in the USA to supply a series of robust double-door lead lined cabinets. Our Technical Shielding Specialist, Cory Aitken, with over a decade of expertise in shielding and design, engaged closely with the client to tailor the project […]

  • Lead Bricks for Radiation Shielding: Everything You Need to Know

    Get Proper Lead Protection from Radiation with MarShield’s Lead Brick Shielding MarShield provides lead bricks for radiation shielding for construction where temporary, permanent shields or storage areas are required. Lead bricks are a versatile and suitable way to add lead shielding to existing structures or for new constructions as a method to reduce wall or […]

  • MarShield Nuclear Medicine Lab Shielding Blog Image 4 - Lead Lined Storage Container

    Nuclear Medicine Shielding: Creating a Safe Nuclear Medicine Lab for Protection from High-Energy Radionuclides

    In the rapidly evolving world of nuclear medicine, ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals is paramount. Those who work with radiopharmaceuticals require the highest quality shielding protection to minimize exposure to harmful radiation. MarShield’s nuclear medicine shielding solutions are designed to protect healthcare workers and technicians from high-energy radionuclides during the receiving and preparation of […]