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  • Lead Lined Cabinets Custom Designed for Your Needs

    Lead lined cabinets are utilized across a wide variety of industries including hospitals, nuclear medicine and the nuclear power industry. Some of the applications of shielded cabinets are for storing radioisotopes, radioactive waste, and providing shielding while operating x-ray tubes and protecting sensitive electronic devices from external radiation damage. MarShield’s shielded cabinets are custom manufactured, […]

  • Design Tips and Considerations for a Successful Nuclear Lead Pour

    The Nuclear industry often requires large radiation shields made primarily from lead. One common method is to pour lead into a steel fabrication. The metal shell protects the lead in a durable casing that holds up better over time. This also ensures that any risk of lead exposure is minimized as the lead is sealed […]

  • Lead Alternatives: Innovating the Radiation Shielding Industry

    An area where material science is advancing the field of radiation shielding is in the development of non-lead shielding materials. Lead is used today because it’s cost-effective, easy to work with, and most importantly has the ability to reduce gamma radiation. One drawback of lead is that it is a toxic substance if ingested into […]

  • Happy Holidays From MarShield

    There’s no better time than the holidays to express our appreciation for your business. May all the joys of the season be yours with every good wish for the New Year! Our Holiday Hours December 24th to January 1st: Closed January 2nd: Open (Regular Hours) Our sales team will be monitoring emails and phone calls […]

  • Nanotek Technology

    Shield and Protect Yourself with Nanotek Technology

    With Nanotek technology, we offer a safer, more environmentally friendly, lead-free solution to traditionally lead-based radiation shielding products. The Benefits of Nanotek Technology Non-Toxic: Rest easy knowing that your shielding products are safe and non-toxic. Lightweight: Enjoy the ease that comes with lighter-than-lead materials. Fully Customizable: We work with you to deliver a superior product […]

  • Modular Shielding Rooms Protect Against Radiation Emitted from Industrial X-ray and NDT

    Industrial x-ray and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) play a crucial role in our everyday lives by ensuring safety and reliability of everything from aircraft parts, to bridges and power stations. However, this also puts equipment operators and sensitive components at risk of being exposed to harmful radiation. MarShield designs and manufactures custom modular radiation shielding rooms, protecting […]

  • Case Study: MarShield Custom Builds Radiation Protected Cabinets for a Medical Research Client

    Ensuring that people and products are well-protected from radiation in the work environment is crucial. This is especially the case in the medical research industry, wherein researchers and professionals are working with fragile products and solutions that can be exposed to radiation and other hazards. To that end, our team at MarShield was commissioned by […]

  • RF Waves and Shielding for MRI Applications

    Previous posts that I have written have mostly dealt with shielding gamma and neutron radiation, however there are other forms of  radiation that should be shielded in certain situation. Radio Frequency (RF) waves are a form of electromagnetic waves produced by electronic devices and networks such as cell phones or radio towers. These waves can […]

  • Women in Medicine

    MarShield Celebrates Women in Medicine Month

    MarShield is thrilled to join the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and the American Medical Association (AMA) in celebrating Women in Medicine Month throughout September. Women in Medicine Month serves to highlight the accomplishments and advocacy work of female physicians, as well as to shed light on health issues impacting female patients. […]

  • Radiation Shielding Solutions for Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear Medicine is a growing field with innovations in technology, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic purposes. Variety of workplaces including hospitals, universities and research facilities are all involved in producing, researching and administering radiopharmaceuticals. With the increase and widespread use of nuclear medicine, the demand for shielding increases as well. There are many shielding products geared […]

  • Lead lined bricks used for radiation shielding.

    Radiation Shielding with Lead

    By Paul Rochus – Shielding Technician Designing and building radiation shielding can pose a variety of challenges, such as limitations on space, price, weight, and installation. One of the most versatile forms of shielding material that is used to overcome these challenges is lead—it’s less expensive, readily available, and easy to process into finished radiation […]

  • SNMMI 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference

    SNMMI 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference

    We invite you to join us for the 2019 SNMMI Annual Meeting & Conference in beautiful Anaheim, California from June 22-25. Please come by to see MarShield in Booth 454 at the Conference. Meet our Shielding Technicians Cory Aitken and Chris Newman a discuss any shielding challenges you might have. To make an appointment or reach […]