X-Ray Rooms

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MarShield manufactures custom-designed radiation shielding modular x-ray rooms

X-Ray Room
Xray Rooms

Related Product: EZ Quick Shielding PanelsMarShield constructs, designs, and supplies custom-designed medical and industrial x-ray rooms. These full body shielding units are designed to shield personnel from harmful secondary radiation. These can be found in medical and industrial applications, including welding, nuclear and non-destructive testing.

Xray Room Basics


  • Custom designed x-ray barriers to meet your needs.
  • Panels extend from floor to 84″, 96″ or higher, ensuring effective protection.
  • Your choice of lead shielding thickness.
  • Solid Panels are lead lined and faced with beige ABS.
  • Frames are sturdy, beige powder coated steel.
  • Sliding doors complete with hardware available.
  • Windows available in door or wall panels.
  • Windows are Lead Safety Glass (Laminated glass with interlayer. This Safety Lead Glass is shatter resistant glass that meets requirements of ANSI Z97.1-1984 & 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II)
  • Wall panels are prefabricated for ease of installation.

*Acrylic view windows are available upon request.


  • Quick, clean, and easy installation. No demolition needed.
  • Attractive neutral décor with clean lines.
  • Durable solid lead-lined panels and solid steel frame are built to last.
  • Customized to suit your individual application, based on architectural specs or a custom concept we help you create. All units can be sized and manufactured to your requirements.
  • Professional engineering and custom on-site design services available. We can work with you to design a custom solution in a virtual CAD environment.
  • Adaptable. Designed to accommodate future modifications and expansions. Can be removed and/or relocated, if required.


When preparing to order an xray room, please have the following requirements available:

  • Width, length and height of room.
  • Width and location of sliding door(s).
  • Lead shielding thickness required.
  • Windows? – location and size.

We will work with you to develop a low cost solution to meet your needs.

X-Ray Rooms