Lead Pours

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MarShield has extensive experience in nuclear lead castings and nuclear lead pours

MarShield is a Canadian manufacturer with exceptional experience in lead castings and lead pours for the nuclear industry. We have proven ourselves to be leaders in the field by helping companies from the first stages of product development right though to a completed, lead filled component. At MarShield we have the facilities to pour molten lead in a continuous pour in excess of 100,000 lbs. This provides a lead pour consisting of low porosity, high density lead into a customer’s supplied, fabricated weldment.  We use only purest lead meeting ASTM B29 standards. We specialize in all types of structural lead pours including nuclear storage flasks, nuclear storage containers, pipe sleeves and castings.

Fabrication and Machining

At MarShield Nuclear we provide our customers with one stop turnkey services from your design supplied.

 We can fabricate any size Containment Vessel or Flask for lead pouring. In addition, we supply full CNC machining capabilities of the cast Vessels or Flasks. MarShield offers design assistance to share our 40 years of experience and knowledge in the Nuclear Industry with you.

Our quality management system guarantees that any fabrication of your requirements meets and exceeds Nuclear Regulated Standards.

  • Safety Standards

    When it comes to nuclear safety standards, Canada is recognized as a world leader for its attention to detail and safety. MarShield, a Division of the Mars Metal Company, has adopted these same standards and practices and is a trusted supplier to many nuclear power plants.

    For over 4 decades, MarShield has developed a corporate mandate of excellence in its lead pouring procedures destined for the nuclear industry.

    There are many parts to our success ranging from our quality control, approved proprietary nuclear pour procedure, experience, capacity, location, and people. Quality assurance is the baseline that MarShield conforms to for its manufacturing and lead pouring.

  • Lead Pours/Catstings

MarShield has excelled at developing proprietary processes that support rigid quality control standards. Experience gained from MarShield’s long history of nuclear pours for a wide variety of end users has culminated in nuclear shielding advancements. MarShield continually searches to find ways to improve its nuclear pour methods that include documentation control, fabrication preparation, lead pour procedures, controlled preheat and cooling temperatures and a final inspection with many checkpoints throughout the process.

Our dedicated employees provide the framework to ensure a successful nuclear lead pour on every job. MarShield is proud to be the leader in the industry when it comes to Nuclear or radiation shielding.

Quality Assurance

No two projects are alike. For this reason, MarShield designs a quality system that matches the specific procedure required to produce a quality nuclear lead pour. MarShield works together with our clients to ensure a system of quality controls that meets theirs, or their client’s specified requirements.

MarShield creates various documents to ensure that all steps of the pouring procedure are followed. This ensures that the sub-elements of the job meet the necessary requirements in order to produce an acceptable part. Our quality assurance staff analyzes all of the documentation for variances and, when necessary may implement corrective procedures during the manufacturing stages to guarantee all requirements have been met.

Our quality management system is certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and CSA N299.3-16.


Nuclear Lead Pours Information Sheet