Lead Wool Blankets

“…we can supply any configuration to best address your requirements”


Marshield lead blankets are made using lead wool with lead plate available as an option. The lead wool is flexible in handling with lead strands from .005” to .015” diameter.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy and cost effective radiation shielding solution
  • Lead cake quilted to ANI approved inner cover to ensure no shifting
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • #5 brass grommets spaced as required
  • Vinyl laminated sheeting for applications up to 125°F or silicon laminated up to 500°F
  • Standard colors of yellow, green or white available as well as custom colors
  • Meets or exceeds Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C
  • Onsite engineering and design assistance available


  • Stackable Dose Reduction
  • Large Area Hot spots
  • Temporary Work Stations

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