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Since 1979, MarShield has been North America’s premier lead caster, manufacturer and global supplier of gamma and neutron radiation shielding products and materials to the nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, non-destructive testing and design / build markets. From lead, to tungsten, bismuth, iron, borated polyethylene and non-lead alternatives materials options, we offer design & consultation and will bring turn-key solutions to your radiation shielding challenges.

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Made in North America with Warehousing Around US and Canada

  • Design & Consultation

    Lead Lined Cabinets

    MarShield manufactures a wide range of Standard or Custom Designed Lead Lined Cabinets suitable for Nuclear Medicine or Radiochemistry laboratories. MarShield has worked extensively with architects, engineers, contractors and end-users like doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and medical & veterinary clinics to ensure that our designs are functional and harmonious with their surroundings while meeting radiation code requirements.

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  • Clear Lead Acrylic

    MarShield’s clear lead acrylic/plastic is a shatter-resistant lead shielding product that offers users clarity due to its transparent nature, versatility, durability, and complete protection from harmful gamma rays emitted from industrial and medical x-ray systems. It can be used for a variety of applications, from windows in NDT Rooms to small windows on tungsten shields.

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  • Lead Alternative Shielding

    MarShield’s lead-free products are an ideal alternative to traditional lead radiation shielding products. Our Nanotek™ and T-Flex® products are non-toxic, lightweight, and ideal for applications that require custom molding. Our non-lead product range includes blankets, curtains, mobile barriers, bricks, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, and magnetic tiles

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