Nuclear Radiation Shielding Solutions From MarShield

At MarShield, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of custom radiation shielding solutions for the nuclear energy industry. Our commitment to safety, precision, and innovation drives us to offer a wide range of products and materials specifically designed for nuclear radiation protection. We understand the unique challenges faced by the nuclear sector and are dedicated to delivering standard and custom solutions that meet these needs effectively.

Our Expertise in Nuclear Radiation Shielding

Our range of nuclear radiation shielding materials and products reflects our deep understanding of the industry’s requirements. We specialize in creating solutions that are not only protective but also enhance the efficiency and safety of nuclear operations.

  • Industry Certifications & Standards: We are an ISO9001:2015 and a CSA-N299:3:16 certified facility and have nuclear industry-approved lead pouring procedures in place to ensure shielding integrity.
  • Custom Radiation Shielding: We specialize in bespoke solutions, tailoring our products to meet the exact needs of each facility. Simply reach out to our team to discuss your needs.
  • Diverse Nuclear Radiation Products: Our extensive product line is designed to cater to the varied demands of the nuclear industry.
  • Advanced Nuclear Shielding Materials: We use only the most effective materials to ensure superior protection against nuclear radiation.
  • Innovative Design: Our approach to nuclear shielding design combines safety with operational practicality, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.


Our Key Products for Nuclear Shielding

MarShield Lead Storage Containers

We offer a variety of products, each designed to address specific aspects of shielding in nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities.

Some of our key nuclear radiation shielding products include:

  1. Lead-Lined Containers and Cabinets: Secure storage and transportation solutions for radioactive materials.
  2. Lead Bricks and Lead Blankets: Flexible and effective for constructing protective barriers.
  3. MarShield Lead Bricks

    Plasti-Shield® Borated Polyethylene and Pellets: Versatile neutron shielding available in sheets, bricks, and pellets for various applications.

  4. Tungsten Radiation Shielding:  Minimizes radiation exposure, ideal for applications where lead is unsuitable, offering strength and customizability.


Download out nuclear solutions brochure for more information on these products and the options we provide.

Nuclear Solutions brochure

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Understanding the critical importance of nuclear radiation protection, we at MarShield are committed to providing the best shielding solutions in the industry. If your facility requires enhanced nuclear radiation shielding, contact us for a quote and equip your facility with top-tier nuclear radiation protection.

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