Lead Lined Windows

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Available Lead Lined Windows

  • Lead-Lined Windows – Hollow Metal – Slip or Split type or Welded

Each lead-lined window is custom-designed and built. They can be provided in a variety of veneer and plastic laminates. They are typically used in various medical x-Ray, PET or CT Scan rooms in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Window Frames

Welded and Split/Slip Type
Our frames are designed to provide the foundation and support for leaded glass or leaded acrylic. The frame provides a lead-lined link between the glazing and the lead-lined wall. Split-type frames that allow the frames to be manufactured in two pieces are available. This allows the installer to fit the frame into the opening from both sides and fastened together to form a solid assembly.

Additional important information

The amount of lead required in doors, frames and windows must be determined by a licensed radiation shielding physicist.

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Fixed Window Frame
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2 Piece Slip Window Frame
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