Clear Lead Acrylic

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Lead Acrylic
Lead Acrylic
Clear Lead Acrylic in a Barrier
Clear Lead Acrylic in a Barrier 3

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MarShield’s Leaded Acrylic / Plastic is the shatter-resistant, versatile answer to all of your x-ray shielding needs! Our Lead acrylic is not lead glass. It’s a unique, versatile, transparent plastic that contains 30% lead by weight. It combines superb light transmission with effective radiation protection. It is available in six different lead equivalencies and thicknesses (see chart below). The lead equivalency and thickness are directly related; the higher the L.E. the thicker the piece of leaded Acrylic.


Thickness Lead Equivalency Weight
8 mm 0.3 mm 2.7 lbs sq ft
12 mm 0.5 mm 3.9 lbs sq ft
18 mm 0.8 mm 5.9 lbs sq ft
22 mm 1.0 mm 7.2 lbs sq ft
35 mm 1.5 mm 11.5 lbs sq ft
46 mm 2.0 mm 15.0 lbs sq ft
70 mm 3.0 mm 22.3 lbs sq ft


  • Mobile Barriers – Viewing windows for portable or stationary barriers.
  • Modular Control Booths – Viewing windows for X-Ray Control Booths.
  • Windowpanes – Door glazing, Viewing windows in leaded wall systems and as lenses for safety goggles or other types of machines.

Features and Benefits


  • Available in six different lead equivalencies and thicknesses.
  • Made from an acrylic polymer resin into which lead is chemically introduced as an organ-lead salt compound.
  • Can be cut, drilled or machined using standard plastic-handling techniques.
  • Provides complete radiation protection with unmatched design flexibility.
  • Ideal for any radiation shielding application.


  • Create “open feel” environment for personnel/patients while still providing reduced exposure to harmful radiation
  • High light transmission helps create a happier and healthier work environment
  • Rugged, durable and shatter-resistant alternative to lead glass

ASTM B29 Specification

The Versatility of Sheet Lead and Its Uses


MarShield Lead Acrylic X-Ray Shielding Availability

Part Number Description
MS-WLA24x24 Lead Acrylic – 24″x24″x12mm-(.5mm LE)
MS-WLA24x30 Lead Acrylic – 24″x30″x12mm-(.5mm LE)
MS-WLA24x48 Lead Acrylic – 24″x48″x12mm-(.5mm LE)
MS-WLA27x37 Lead Acrylic – 27.5″x37.5″x12mm-(.5mm LE)
MS-WLA30x48 Lead Acrylic – 30″x48″x12mm-(.5mm LE)
MS-WLA30x54 Lead Acrylic – 30″x54.560″x12mm-(.5mm LE)

Lead Acrylic Information Sheet
Lead Acrylic Specifications Information Sheet