Mobile Rolling Barriers – Glass & Acrylic

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M-Series Mobile Radiation Lead Barriers Group
M-Series Mobile Radiation Lead Barriers
M-Series Mobile Radiation Lead Barriers
M-Series Mobile Radiation Lead Barriers
M-Series Mobile Radiation Lead Barriers Castor

MarShield manufacturers standard and custom-designed mobile radiation shielding barriers. Our lead radiation shielding barriers are designed to reduce harmful radiation while maintaining an “open concept” environment through safety lead glass window viewing panels.

MarShield Radiation Shielding Barriers incorporate clear viewing *safety lead glass panels in the top with a solid opaque panel in the bottom, both of varying sizes. The optically clear *safety lead glass panel is durable and shatter resistant while offering a wide field of view. The solid panel is constructed of a single un-pierced sheet of pure lead 99.9% of desired thickness laminated between two ABS Plastic (washable) panels. The shield is balanced for stability with heavy duty outrigger type legs. All panels are housed in a mild carbon steel frame with a powder coat beige/tan paint finish. All models can be made with one full length solid opaque panel or a full length *safety lead glass view panel.

Also Available in Lead Acrylic.

The Lead Acrylic viewing panel provides excellent visibility in either 0.5mm or 1.0mm Lead Equivalent Protection. The lower level panel also provides 0.8mm or better Lead Equivalent protection.

Our MarShield Lead Acrylic is shatter resistant and durable of which ensures a long life cycle under heavy use.

These mobile units are supplied with smooth rolling heavy duty swivel casters that are easily locked into position when required. All models allow the end user to easily remove the casters and with a slight modification become a stationary unit that is fastened down directly to the floor.

Professional engineering and custom on-site design services are available. We can work with you to design a custom solution in a virtual CAD environment. If one of our standard models doesn’t fit your exact needs then let MarShield design and fabricate your own custom model to suit your specific requirements. MarShield will create the perfect barrier for you.

*Safety Lead glass meets requirements of ANSI Z97.1-1984 & 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II. Safety lead glass consists of lead glass, interlayer and float glass in a laminated sandwich.

  • Key Features:

    • All standard barriers are 77” overall height
    • Frame and Bottom Opaque Panel Color: Beige/tan (Powder coat finish/ABS)
    • View Panel is Safety Lead Glass (Laminated glass with interlayer. This Safety lead glass is shatter resistant glass that meets requirements of ANSI Z97.1-1984 & 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II )
    • Balanced for stability with heavy duty outrigger-type legs and four Heavy Duty Swivel Locking Casters.
    • Removable casters allow the end user to easily modify to stationary barrier.
    • Units can be designed to combine, stack or nest to increase lead equivalency or create a temporary lead-lined room.
    • Warranty: 1-Year standard warranty
  • Custom Mobile Barrier

Full CAD approval drawings provided for each order

Custom sizes, lead equivalencies, paint finishes or colors and lead acrylic view panels are available on request.

Mobile Barrier Skirt Option

  • Added shine through prevention
  • Leaded vinyl stitched skirt
  • Up to 1.6 lead equivalency
  • Velco attached
  • Easy to clean

Available NOW for any Barrier addition. Inquire for details.

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Product Can Be Lead Free?

With Mars FlexShieldTM technology, we offer a safe and environmentally friendly solution to traditional lead-based products.It’s lightweight. Flexible. Customizable. And it’s the future, now.

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