Tungsten Radiation Shielding

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  • Tungsten Radiation Shielding for Nuclear, Medical & NDT

    MarShield Radiation Shielding are experts in the in the customization of tungsten heavy alloy for the Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Medicine / Radioisotope, diagnostic imaging and non-destructive testing industries.

    Why Tungsten?

    Tungsten Radiation Shielding has a density of up to 18.89 g/cm3 vs. lead at 11.34 g/cm3.  It’s ease of mechanical processing / machining, high ductility and strength makes it a viable option for many applications where lead is not feasible whether it be for size reduction, maximizing weight in large or small cavities or for radiation shielding. Tungsten Radiation Shielding is strong and highly customizable into precision components.

  • Applications

    • High Energy Radiation Shielding – Nuclear, Medical & Industrial
    • Counterbalance for Vibration Dampening
    • Aircraft control surfaces
    • Auto racing industry
    • Boring bars
    • Bucking Bars
    • Down hole logging-Sinker bars
    • Engine components
    • Fire arms
    • Golf club weights
    • Helicopter rotor Systems
    • Ship ballasts
  • T-Flex Lead Alternative

    T-Flex Lead Alternative

    MarShield’s T-Flex® products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum. Ideal for applications that require custom moldable shapes along with flexibility, such as small bore pipe, elbows and valves. T-Flex® products are non-toxic and available as blankets, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles, and molded shapes.

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  • Tungsten Vial & Syringe Shields

    Tungsten Vial & Syringe Shield

    MarShield Tungsten Syringe Shields are all designed to reduce hand exposure in clinicians preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals. Our tungsten shields are lightweight, sleek in design and easy to use.

    We offer over 20 different shield types and sizes including Tungsten Vial Transport Containers.

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  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Radiation Protection – Nuclear, Medical & NDT

  • Tungsten Radiation Shielding is an excellent material for shielding, guaranteeing that radiation exposure is kept to a minimum and ensuring that ALARA goals in the workplace. Machinability, radiographic density, strength, low toxicity, and heat resistance allow for superior design adaptability vs. other shielding materials. Tungsten Radiation Shieldings are easily customizable.
  • Isotope vials and containers
  • Custom shielding components
  • Collimators for x-ray detectors
  • Multi-leaf collimators
  • Collimators for radiosurgery

Tungsten heavy alloy chart