• MarShield is a North American Manufacturer and Global Supplier Of Medical Radiation Shielding Products

    MarShield is an industry leader in radiation shielding materials for medical, veterinary, dental and healthcare facilities shielding. Our extensive inventory of Lead Lined DrywallLead Lined PlywoodSheet LeadLead Glass and Lead Curtains are available at extremely competitive pricing to ensure that your construction or renovation project is a complete success.

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    MarShield’s system of dry stacked shielding modules which interlock to form a tight, leak-free therapy room of any size or shape. Unique sine-wave shapes eliminate straight line seams and provides superior neutron, photon and particle attenuation at the joints. Available in two densities – 250 and 300 lbs./cu.ft. (4 and 5 g/cu.cm.). MarShield construction requires half the space of mass concrete vaults.

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    We also offer a wide range of Lead Cabinets, Storage Containers and High-Energy Shielded Decay Drums, for Nuclear Medicine applications allowing for the best in customization and value. In order to provide you one-stop convenience we have extended our product line to include Medical Imaging solutions such as Lead Lined Office Cabinets / Stations, Adjustable Height Shields, Rolling Booth/Vaults, X-Ray Rooms, Portable Radiation Shielding Barriers, and Modular Barriers. Contact our shielding consultants today and get them working for you!

    Since 1979, MarShield lead radiation protection, storage and radiation shielding products have brought value to various commercial markets including nuclear, medical, veterinary, and dental as well as institutions and government bodies engaged in scientific research through to military operations and national defence. Today MarShield services clients in the USA, Canada and targeted international markets worldwide.

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