MarShield Non-Lead Radiation Shielding Materials

Tungsten, Bismuth and Iron, non-lead radiation shielding offer a flexible, environmentally friendly shielding alternative. These can be flexibly affixed or moulded into any shape, allowing the application of localized shielding directly at the source.

Isolated hot spots can be shielded, eliminating the need to shield larger areas surrounding the hot spot. Lead alternative shielding can be engineered to meet weight, size, and radiation attenuation specifications. These types of products have saved power plants time and money during maintenance shutdowns. Our lead alternative shielding products are non-toxic and free of hazardous materials. These shielding materials allow us the ability to create lightweight, easy-to-use, customizable products. The weights and sizes available make them easy to handle, with improved ergonomics, reducing the prospect of lifting and handling injuries.

Lead-Free Shielding Products

Non-lead shielding products include lead-free blankets, pipe wrap, pipe shields, magnetic shields, safety floor shields, and custom-designed shielding solutions.

  • Tungsten, bismuth & iron blankets
  • Pipe wrap shielding
  • Molded pipe and elbow shielding
  • Floor shielding
  • Custom moulded shielding
  • High heat resistance
  • Racking and storage
  • Magnetic options

Tungsten, Bismuth, Or Iron Shielding

Our lead alternative shielding technology is a flexible, innovative solution made from Tungsten Silicone,  Bismuth Silicone, or Iron Silicone. Lead-free shielding is non-hazardous and can reduce disposal costs, making it a safe and cost-effective radiation shielding alternative to lead shielding. All of our materials are compliant with nuclear industry smoke development, flame spread, and critical radiant flux measurement standards, and have demonstrated the ability to meet acceptable analysis specified within Regulatory Guide 1.36. Tungsten, Bismuth, and Iron products are rated for continuous use up to 350° F/176° C.
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Attenuation for 1250 KeV Co-60 for shielding Materials versus Thickness
Material Thickness (Inches)
MATERIAL TYPES .25 .5 .75 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.5 2.75 3
Tungsten 22% 39% 52% 62% 70% 77% 82% 86% 89% 91% 93% 95%
Bismuth 16% 29% 40% 50% 58% 64% 70% 75% 79% 82% 85% 87%
Iron 9% 17% 25% 32% 38% 44% 49% 53% 58% 62% 65% 68%
Compared to:
Lead Plate 34% 56% 71% 81% 87% 91% 94% 96% 98% 98% 99% 99%

Non-Lead Nuclear Shielding Blankets

Non-lead nuclear shielding blankets are used as physical barriers to protect against radiation. They come in standard sizes, such as 1’ x 2’, 1’ x 3’, 1’ x 4’, 1’ x 5’, 1’ x 6’ and 2’ x 3’, and offer a range of shielding options from 5 to 20 lbs. per square foot. Custom sizes are also available to suit specific requirements. The grommets placed directly into the material are rated at 270 lbs. of pull force per grommet. Additionally, there is an optional PVC laminate covering that can be added to enhance the durability and longevity of the shielding blanket.


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Non-Lead Nuclear Shielding Pipe Wrap

Non-lead nuclear shielding pipe wrap is a highly flexible solution that can be easily installed in hard-to-reach radiation-emitting areas or hot spots. Standard sizes are available in 2”, 3” and 4” widths in 8’ or 15’ lengths but can also be produced in custom widths and lengths to meet specific requirements. Non-lead nuclear shielding pipe wrap is a reliable solution for protecting pipes and surrounding areas from radiation in industrial and radiological environments.

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Non-Lead Nuclear Pipe Shields

Non-lead nuclear pipe shields are designed to protect pipes from radiation while complying with standard weight constraints. These shields are sized and shaped to easily slip on and snap tightly around pipes, providing maximum coverage. They are available in both standard and custom sizes and lengths to meet specific requirements. These shields are designed with optimal thickness at Co-60 and to prevent streaming, ensuring effective radiation shielding. Non-lead nuclear pipe shields are a reliable solution for protecting pipes in environments where radiation is present.

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Non-Lead Radiation Floor Shielding

Non-lead radiation floor shielding is an effective solution for improving radiological and industrial safety in moderate to high traffic work areas. These shields are designed with maximum shielding to provide maximum attenuation of radiation. They can be made with traction tread to ensure worker footing is not compromised. Non-lead radiation floor shielding is an important component of radiation protection in industrial settings.

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MarShield Lead Alternative Shielding Solutions

MarShield can provide standard and custom shielding solutions to meet your unique shielding requirements. Contact our experienced team to discuss your needs and options. The MarShield team can assist you with your shielding needs every step of the way.

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