Security and Defence

MarShield produces radiation protection products for a variety of industries, two of which being homeland security and national defence. Our selection of products can be used to shield sensitive components as well as the equipment operator from x-rays emitted by personnel protection scanners, cargo inspection systems, industrial x-ray systems, Radioactive Threat Detection (RDT) systems and others. We can provide both portable and stationary shielding solutions such as those required for port and border inspection systems, high threat facility protection, and personal screening terminals. Our products can be used to create highly customized shielding solutions for x-ray inspection systems and comprehensive detection technologies.

Our shielding products are incorporated into numerous applications, such as:

  • Industrial x-ray and inspection systems
  • Cargo, mail, parcel and package inspection systems
  • Homeland security and counterterrorism solutions
  • Military solutions
  • Port and border solutions
  • Facility and event solutions
  • High threat and criminal infrastructure
  • Aviation solutions
  • High threat facility protection
  • Radioactive Threat Detection (RDT)
  • Personnel protection, integrated personal screening terminals and checkpoints
  • Comprehensive detection technologies

If you require services in this field and would like to learn more about our capabilities, please contact us.