January 2016

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  • FlexShield (Lead Shielding Alternative)

    “… FlexShield lead alternative offers effective radiation protection wherever it is needed.” FlexShield is made up of a flexible tungsten impregnated silicone. Used for hot spots our alpha, beta, gamma and neutron shielding comes in a variety of custom shapes for use in many hard to shield applications. It is non-toxic, easy to work with […]

  • MarShield welcomes The Twins !

    Marshield is pleased to announce the recent arrival of the twins. Weighing in at 800lbs each these babies were custom designed and manufactured for a nuclear medicine application at a US pharmaceuticals company. These twin mobile storage boxes come with smooth running lockable casters and are 17x17x15” with 1” lead protection on the lid and […]

  • Look Out For These Hot Wheels !

    “Outstanding, but I’ve learned to expect that from MarShield !” is what Paul Smith at a government research center had to say about the custom lead lined storage container our manufacturing and design specialists produced for his nuclear material transportation project. Built specifically for a large US national laboratory, the container incorporates 2” of lead […]