MarShield Provides Highest-Quality Lead Glass for the Medical, Industrial, and Nuclear Industries

Lead glass is widely used in the medical, industrial, and nuclear industries and is essential in protecting employees from harmful radiation. Lead glass is usually placed into a lead-lined frame built into a wall or door.

Some of the applications for lead glass include, observation viewing windows, mobile shielding protection, protection panels for check-up systems, and more.

MarShield, an industry leader in radiation protection, carriers a variety of sizes and thicknesses of lead glass that provides exceptional radiation shielding.

LX-57B Radiation Shielding 

Made of high-quality optical grade material, MarShield’s LX-554 7B lead glass provides excellent radiation shielding, superb visual clarity, high light transmission, and it does not discolour due to radiation. The hard, polished surfaces have excellent scratch resistance and the LX-57B is available in thicknesses of 7mm, 9mm, 14mm, and 17mm.

LX-57B Features & Benefits                                

  • Stock sizes are available from 12” X 12” up to 48” X 96”.
  • Resistant to discolouration due to exposure to ultraviolet rays or cleaning chemicals.
  • Offers excellent light transmission (87.3% with 7mm thick glass).
  • Non-combustible and will not emit toxic fumes when being cut.
  • LX-57B tests at level 6 (comparable to feldspar, a constituent of granite). LX-57B has excellent scratch resistance because of its hard surface.
  • LX-57B is a lead barium type glass of high-quality optical-grade with over 60% heavy metal oxide, including at least 55% PbO.

Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector

MarShield’s Saf-T-Lite Radiation Protector glass comprises LX-57B lead glass, an interlayer, and float glass in a laminated sandwich to create a durable, shatter-resistant alternative to lead acrylic/plastic. This safety lead glass is commonly used in mobile radiation shields and modular radiation barriers.

Saf-T-Lite Features & Benefits

  • Interlayer Saf-T-Lite lead safety glass is available only in 11 mm thickness (1.6mm lead equivalency)
  • Provides excellent light transmission of 87.8%
  • Weight: 8 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Meets or exceeds the high standards of stringent safety regulations established in the medical, scientific, as well as nuclear fields around the world, including ANSI Z97.1-1984 and 16 CFR 1201 Cat. ll.

LX Premium Radiation Shielding 

LX Premium is the next generation of radiation shielding glass. It has a multilayer structure, manufactured by inserting LX-57B high-lead glass between panels of protective sheet glass. This results in a glass surface that will not stain or discolour, even in contact with chemicals or if it is wiped with a wet cloth.

LX Premium Features & Benefits 

  • High transparency — the glass will not stain or discolour when lead substances react to moisture or lipids.
  • Provides excellent light transmission (at 550nm) of more than 80%.
  • Easy to maintain — glass can be cleaned using such items as a wet cloth, glass cleaners, and detergents without any concern about fogging, staining, or discolouration.
  • Multilayer laminated glass is impact-safe and shatter-resistant.

MarShield’s high-quality lead glass meets or exceeds the high standards of stringent safety regulations established in the medical, industrial, and nuclear fields around the world. Contact us today to learn more about our lead glass options.