Custom Multi-Drawer Lead Lined Storage Cabinets for a Premier National Laboratory

MarShield, a leader in radiation shielding solutions, was once again selected by the largest mid-west National Laboratory in the USA to supply a series of robust double-door lead lined cabinets. Our Technical Shielding Specialist, Cory Aitken, with over a decade of expertise in shielding and design, engaged closely with the client to tailor the project to their specific needs.

Our Guide to Lead Lined Cabinets

The Custom Double Door Lead Lined Cabinet Design

The finalized design featured cabinets with wall thicknesses of 3 inches and 4 inches, utilizing ASTM B-29 lead to meet the required shielding standards. These vertical cabinets, equipped with double doors, incorporated a secure locking handle system for enhanced security.

A requirement of the design was the inclusion of 12 Easy Slide drawers, each 1.5 inches thick and shielded, arranged six per side with 1-inch lead shielding dividers between each drawer for added protection. The Easy Slide drawers were designed for easy opening with secure handles on each drawer.

The custom-sized cabinets, measuring 24 inches in width, 28 inches in depth, and 40 inches in height, were constructed from high-strength steel and fully welded for durability. The welded lead-lined panels featured an innovative step-down notch design for improved sealed protection.

The exterior doors, built for endurance, were heavy-duty double-hinged, allowing a 180-degree swing opening, and each lead lined cabinet weighed in at 7016 lbs.

Upon completion and passing final inspection, the lead shielded cabinets were finished with a stunning Vivid Yellow enamel spray, adding a visually appealing aspect to their functionality.


MarShield Custom Radiation Shielding Solutions

It was once again a pleasure working with this client to develop a specific lead lined storage cabinet design that meets their requirements. With over four decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed the shielding challenges of our customers, delivering solutions that combine safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Reach out to our team to discuss your custom shielding needs and how we can assist you with radiation shielding design and consultation services.