X-Ray Shielding Solutions: Wall Panels and Modular Control Booths for Enhanced Radiation Protection


In medical and industrial environments, ensuring safety from harmful radiation is paramount. The integration of X-ray shielding lead-lined wall panels with modular control booths presents a comprehensive approach to safeguarding both patients and professionals in a variety of applications and industries. MarShield’s innovative solutions stand at the forefront of medical shielding, offering enhanced radiation protection through custom-designed barriers and walls.


X-Ray Room Shielding: MarShield’s Modular Control Booths & Wall Panels

Utilizing wall panels and control booths for enhanced safety and flexibility ensures that both patients and professionals are shielded from harmful radiation.

These full body shielding units are designed to shield medical personnel from harmful secondary radiation in:

  • examination rooms,
  • operating rooms,
  • intensive or cardiac care units,
  • nuclear medicine suites,
  • and industrial applications, including welding, nuclear and non-destructive testing.

At MarShield, we are proud to specialize in the manufacture of both standard and custom modular barriers and walls for radiation protection. Utilizing state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, we are able to customize solutions to meet the precise needs of our clients, delivering optimal protection. Our commitment to offering competitive pricing and short lead times positions us as a leading provider of radiation protection products.


X-Ray E-Z Shielding Wall Panels Features:

  • Fully Assembled & Ready to Install
  • Customizable Mounting: Top Header and Bottom foot mounting plate to be field drilled to match stud locations.
  • Durable Construction: Powder-coated steel framing and ABS-faced panels, ensuring longevity.
  • Maintenance-Friendly: Durable, washable surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Quick Installation: Installable in hours without creating a mess, suitable for both new and existing constructions.
  • Flexible Application: Can divide rooms or add shielding to existing spaces.
  • Customization Options: Available in various lead equivalents (1/32”, 1/16”, 1/8”), colors (standard ivory, beige, grey, with more options), and sizes (4’ x 8’, 4’ x 9’, 4’ x 10’), with custom dimensions upon request.
  • Lead-Free Alternative: Options for non-lead radiation shielding materials.


X-Ray Modular Control Booths & Panels Features:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Panels extend up to 84” or more, ensuring effective protection.
  • High-Quality Materials: Frame and panels in beige/tan with optional colors, featuring a safety lead glass view panel that is shatter-resistant, meeting ANSI Z97.1-1984 & 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II standards.
  • Large Continuous Windows: Capable of fabricating into large panes up to 6’ x 8’ or larger.
  • Lead-Free Alternative: Options for non-lead radiation shielding materials.
  • Open Concept Design: Reduces radiation exposure while maintaining visibility through lead safety glass windows.
  • Durable & Customizable: Solid lead-lined panels available, with 1.6 mm lead equivalency and up to 1/2 inch in pure lead.
  • Efficient Installation: Designed for quick, clean setups without the need for demolition.
  • Built to Last: Features a solid steel frame for durability.
  • Adaptable & Removable: Suitable for future modifications or relocations.
  • Professional Services: Offers engineering, custom design in a virtual CAD environment, and detailed CAD drawings upon order.
  • Acrylic view windows are available upon request.


MarShield’s modular control booths and panels allow you to create customizable industrial and medical shielding solutions that can fit any room or application. Our radiation shielding materials and radiation protection products provide effective radiation protection tailored to specific needs.

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