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  • Lead Lined Cabinets Custom Designed for Your Needs

    MarShield designs and manufactures lead lined cabinets that are utilized across a wide variety of industries including hospitals, nuclear medicine, and nuclear power industry. Some of the applications of shielded cabinets are for storing radioisotopes, radioactive waste, and providing shielding while operating x-ray tubes and protecting sensitive electronic devices from external radiation damage. Our shielded […]

  • Common Radiation Shielding Solutions for Nuclear Medicine

    The field of nuclear medicine is growing rapidly with innovations in technology, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic purposes. Variety of workplaces including hospitals, universities, and research facilities are all involved in producing, researching, and administering radiopharmaceuticals. With the increase and widespread use of nuclear medicine, the demand for shielding increases as well. There are many shielding […]

  • Lead Brick Shielding Solutions Offer Maximum Configurability and Protection

    “… Lead brick Shielding solutions offer maximum configurability and protection.” MarShield manufactures lead bricks that are cast from 99.5% Minimum Pure Lead and are ideal for applications where maximum protection is required from X-Ray and Gamma Ray Radiation. FEATURES & BENEFITS Straight Bricks Can be cut on site in any direction Double stacked row configuration […]

  • Women in Nuclear Medicine

    MarShield Celebrates Women in The Nuclear Industry

    MarShield is committed to celebrating and supporting women who work in the nuclear industry. This month we would like to promote a webinar hosted by CNSC and the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA). The webinar will showcase Canadian women’s lives and careers at various stages of working in radiation sciences. We are also proud supporters […]

  • RF Shielding for MRI Imaging Rooms

    Radio Frequency (RF) waves are electromagnetic waves produced by electronic devices and networks such as cell phones or radio towers. RF waves can be shielded by enclosing an area with a conductive material and electronically grounding the shield. The most common use of RF shielding in the medical industry is for Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI), […]

  • Designing and Manufacturing Modular Radiation Shielding Barriers and Walls

    “Durable Modular Radiation Barriers designed form maximum flexibility and easy installation” MarShield is a North American leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom-designed radiation shielding modular barriers & walls. Designed for the medical industry, these full body shielding units shield personnel from harmful secondary radiation in examination rooms, intensive or cardiac case […]

  • Leaded Acrylic Provides A Shatter-Resistant, Versatile Solution to Radiation Shielding

    By: Chris Newman Leaded acrylic is a shatter-resistant, versatile solution to your radiation shielding needs. The transparent plastic contains 30% lead by weight, combining superb light transmission with effective radiation protection. MarShield, an industry leader in radiation shielding materials, carries a variety of sizes and thickness of leaded acrylic and can fulfill custom orders according […]

  • How to Solve Your Shielding Challenges with Sheet Lead Product Options

    Shielding Options: Lead vs. Tungsten

    By: Chris Newman When considering options for radiation shielding, the most important thing is to use materials with a high density. Lead and tungsten are the most common materials to shield gamma radiation, however, they both have different advantages. Lead Shielding  Lead has numerous applications, but it’s mostly used in nuclear power, nuclear medicine, diagnostic […]

  • Designing Radiation Shielding for NDT and Other Industries

    Our lives are impacted by industrial x-ray and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) as they play a crucial role in ensuring safety and reliability of everything from aircraft parts, to bridges and power stations. However, this also puts equipment operators and sensitive components at risk of being exposed to harmful radiation. MarShield designs and manufactures custom modular […]

  • Happy Holidays from The Mars Metal Group of Companies

    Happy Holidays from The Mars Metal Group of Companies

    On behalf of the Mars Metal Group of Companies, we want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year. 2020 was a difficult year for us all, but through the adversity, we learned new ways to move forward. Thank you for your business and continued support in these times of uncertainty. Best wishes […]

  • How to Solve Your Shielding Challenges with Sheet Lead Product Options

    How to Solve Your Shielding Challenges with Sheet Lead Product Options

    Over 70 Tons of Sheet Lead in Stock and Ready to Ship! From 1/32 inch to 1/4 inch and Various Roll Lengths from 8ft. to 10ft. By: Chris Newman The use of sheet lead for radiation protection in laboratories, clinics, dental, and medical applications can be a challenge. When designing and building radiation shielding, many contractors […]