Protecting Your Workforce with MarShield Lead Radiation Shielding Blankets & Related Products

MarShield lead radiation shielding blankets are used to provide protection against ionizing radiation by absorbing and blocking it before it can reach individuals or sensitive equipment. Lead radiation shielding blankets are constructed with lead wool or lead plate.

Our experienced team can assist you with your lead radiation shielding blanket needs and manufacture a custom solution that meets your requirements. We carry Lead Wool Blankets made with fine strands of lead from .005” to .015” in diameter in varying lengths. Our lead wool products are in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. We also offer lead plate blankets that meet Federal Spec QQ-L-201 qualifications and come with a wide range of covers, including PVC laminate, polyurethane laminate, silicone-impregnated fiberglass (hi-temperature) and Kevlar. These lead plate blankets can come in a tapered Gore shape and various widths, lengths, and thicknesses.

Other related radiation shielding products offered by MarShield include lead snakes, lead wool, wheeled racks, lead blankets with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, QuickRacks, lead bricks, and hooks for hanging lead blankets.

Lead radiation shielding blankets can be used in a variety of configurations depending on the specific needs of the application. They may be draped over equipment, hung as curtains to shield a specific area, or used as a portable barrier to protect workers during tasks that involve radiation. Our blanket racking systems are used to hang lead or non-lead blankets. For more information on racking, visit our blanket racking systems page. In addition to our lead shielding products, we also produce non-lead radiation shielding.

Learn More about our lead wool and lead plate blanket shielding solutions on our lead radiation shielding blankets and related products page. Contact MarShield to learn more about these radiation shielding solutions and how we can assist you with a standard or custom solution that fits your needs