X-Ray Shielded Cabinet Enclosure for University Breakthrough Technology

A high-profile University in Ontario Canada reached out to MarShield to assist in the design and manufacture of a large Lead Lined Cabinet.

MarShield was asked to develop and build a 1” Lead Lined Mobile Cabinet enclose that will be used to house and test highly sensitive, advanced x-ray machines. The project was a collaboration between the University and an independent company and is considered state-of-the-art, breakthrough technology.

The project needs were very specific, and the project was under strict confidentiality. Our team of MarShield Technicians got to work creating something that met their requirements while also keeping everything classified.

Standard fabrication processes warranted 1” lead to be poured into the enclosure, however, due to the unusual size and weight it was not possible to pour lead. Instead, it was determined that 1” sheet lead should be used and fused all around to ensure full protection from radiation.

The unit had to be mobile and include a towing appendage with high load, heavy-duty, 4- way swivel casters as the total finished weight was 13,327 lbs or 6058 kg.

The enclosure also needed to be delivered to a testing facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a very special interior.

Product Specifications & Construction Details

  • Inside Dimensions: 60”w x 42”d x 78”h
  • Outside Dimensions: 66.87” w x 46.93” d x 97.37” h
  • Weight: 13,327 LBS. (6,058 kg)
  • Low carbon steel A36 OR 44W (0.1875” and 0.25” steel)
  • Lead Lined all 6 sides – ASTM B-749 (L51121) pure lead 99.94% lead lined, single door with latches and lock.
  • Paint: POLANE® T Plus Polyurethane Enamel
  • Color: Grey


Despite some of the challenges we faced, including the handling and coating of large lead and steel pieces during the build, we were able to come through and deliver the products which exceeded customer expectations.

MarShield Custom Lead Lined Cabinets

MarShield specializes in custom-designed lead-lined cabinets for your specific needs. MarShield’s lead-lined cabinets are utilized across various industries including hospitals, nuclear medicine, and the nuclear power industry. Check out our related case studies on custom lead-lined cabinet designs including this case study: Lead Lined Cabinets for Engineering and Environmental Consulting Firm. You can also contact us to learn more about MarShield custom lead-lined cabinets design and manufacturing.