Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms for Temporary Hospital Sites

As we continue to tackle COVID-19, now more than ever the medical industry requires modular x-ray shielding rooms. These full body shielding units are designed to protect medical personnel from harmful secondary radiation and can be used either at a hospital or an outdoor clinic.

MarShield is a leading North American manufacturer of custom modular x-ray shielding rooms that protect all stakeholders and ensure a safe work-place environment. Our units are ideal for temporary situations as they can be installed in less than a day and be moved around and set up in modular spaces.

Watch this short video on our modular x-ray shielding rooms.

Key Design and Construction Features

Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms for Temporary Hospital Sites

Our modular x-ray shielding rooms provide industry-leading features for our customers:

  • Panels extended from floor to 84”, 96” or higher, ensuring effective protection
  • Your choice of lead shielding thickness
  • Solid panels are lead-lined and faced with beige ABS
  • Frames are sturdy, beige powder-coated steel
  • Sliding doors complete with hardware available
  • Windows available in door or wall panels
  • Windows are Lead Safety Glass (Laminated glass with interlayer. This Safety Lead Glass is shatter-resistant glass that meets the requirements of ANSI Z97.1-1984 & 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II)
  • Wall panels are prefabricated for ease of installation


MarShield’s modular x-ray rooms are quick, clean and easy to install. There is no demolition required and the rooms feature attractive neutral décor with clean lines.

Additional benefits include:

Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms for Temporary Hospital Sites

  • Durable solid lead-lined panels and solid steel frame are built to last
  • Customized to suit your application, based on architectural specs or a custom concept we help you create. All units can be sized and manufactured to your requirements
  • Professional engineering and custom on-site design services available. We can work with you to design a custom solution in a virtual CAD environment
  • Designed to accommodate future modifications and expansions. Can be removed and/or relocated, if required


If you’re ready to order a modular x-ray shielding room, contact us and have the following requirements available:

  • Width, length and height requirements
  • Width and location of sliding door(s)
  • Lead shielding thickness required
  • Windows – location and size

To learn more, download MarShield’s x-ray room information sheet!

MarShield works closely with our clients to develop customizable low-cost solutions that meet their needs. You can find more information from the MarShield website or you can contact MarShield directly, and we will help you find the most appropriate modular x-ray room shielding solution for your organization.

MarShield Custom Radiation Shielding Products provides radiation shielding solutions for the medical and nuclear industries and is a division of Mars Metal Company. Contact us today to discuss your unique radiation shielding needs!