Custom Radiation Barriers for Radiopharmaceutical Developer

MarShield was contacted by a radiopharmaceutical developer The Center for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) to develop and build a series of custom radiation barriers that would be used to shield individuals from the dose radiating from freezer units used to store radioactive pharmaceutical products. Radiopharmaceuticals are a special class of drugs. They include diagnostic agents or traces, as well as agents that treat diseases, called radiotherapeutics.

A radiopharmaceutical contains a radioactive isotope that emits energy that can be detected or used to provide an image (diagnostic agent) or is directly therapeutic within a disease tissue. Millions of patients receive radiopharmaceuticals annually for a wide variety of medical procedures ranging from the assessment of cardiac function to staging and treatment of cancer.

CPDC required these custom radiation barriers to be mobile so that the freezers could be accessed when needed.

MarShield designed and manufactured these specialized lead-lined mobile radiation shielding barriers to CPDC that were 36” wide x 50” high. The solid panel was lead-lined with 1” pure sheet lead that was 99.9% fully encapsulated with no lead exposed. Faced with steel panels captured inside of a sturdy frame, the barriers were powder coated beige and weighed in at 950 lbs each. For easy maneuvering, the barriers were mounted on 4 Heavy Duty 360-degree casters and fitted with offset side-mounted handles.

The weight of the barriers was designed so any technician regardless of size could maneuver them in place.

MarShield’s trained radiation sales consultant worked closely with the technicians’ request at CPDC to achieve the safety factor required from conceptual design to final product delivered.

MarShield manufactures standard and custom-designed shielding barriers that reduce harmful radiation. We also offer a wide range of Lead Cabinets, Storage Containers, and High-Energy Shielded Decay Drums for nuclear medicine applications allowing for the best in customization and value.

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