Radiation Protection Specs

MarShield Radiation Protection specs (Section 13090/13 49 00) are available in CSI 3-Part format on AECinfo.com  and ARCAT.com.

Section 13 49 00 includes:

A. Lead Sheet and Plate.
B. Interlocking Lead Bricks.
C. Straight Lead Bricks.
D. Lead-Laminated Gypsum Board.
E. Radiation-Shielded Doors.
F. Lead-Lined Doors and Door Frames.
G. Radiation Shielding Leaded Glass.
H. Radiation Shielding X-Ray Safety Glass.
I. Radiation Shielding Glass X-Ray Barriers.
J. Lead-Lined View Windows and Window Frames.
K. Borated Polyethylene.
L. Related Accessories.