Launching The Thomasnet Profile, A Complete Overview of MarShield Capabilities

MarShield is proud to present our profile on Thomasnet, providing a complete overview of our capabilities and specifications.

Thomasnet is the number one platform for sourcing industrial suppliers, insights, tools and more for the North American manufacturing industry. For over 120 years, Thomasnet has been helping connect buyers, engineers, and MRO professionals to over 500,000 North American manufacturers. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry and are a trusted resource for sourcing products, solutions, and industrial suppliers.

Our Thomasnet profile highlights MarShield as a Thomas Verified Supplier and features all our products and service information, business details and additional information. You can also view our certifications and request a supplier summary report as a Thomasnet member.

View our nuclear shielding and casting capabilities and all our custom radiation shielding products on our profile. Visit our Casting Services on the Products / Services Offered page for information on our general and product capabilities, casting methods, process, features, mold, and the metal and non-metal materials we work with. Browse all the additional services we provide, like assembly and repair services and our certifications.

Our Custom Radiation Shielding products page provides information on all our radiation shielding products, including all specifications and details for each product. Explore information on our lead-lined cabinets and other lead materials, nuclear shielding solutions and storage options, as well as many other radiation shielding products.

Visit our Thomasnet profile or contact us for more information on the MarShield products and capabilities.