Health Connect Partners Radiology & Imaging Conference – October 5-7, 2015

DCory Aitken of Marshield will be attending the unique Health Connect Partners Radiology & Imaging Conference in Los Angeles on October 5-7th in order to network with over 100 Radiology & Imaging Executives representing some of the nation’s top hospitals and health systems. He will be discussing with them our various lead shielding products for Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging applications.

This industry leading “Reverse Expo” will enable Cory to have one on one conversations with executives from organizations that could benefit from our industry leading lead shielding products and services. During these “Reverse EXPO” sessions, the provider executives will sit at a counter-high table with an ID sign clearly marking their facility, city and state. We hear that in practice, the concept is very similar to speed dating (but without the bell). Corry is looking forward to flowing through the hall, meeting with the providers one-on-one at their booths and exchanging business cards plus details on on our Marshield lead shielding products.