3D Lead lined Room Drawing service provides better estimate of lead brick requirements

“… 3D Lead lined Room Drawing service provides better estimate of lead brick requirements.”

In order to help our customers better estimate the lead brick requirements and associated material & labour costs plus plan construction methods for their lead shielded room or wall projects, Marshield now offers a 3D Room Modeling service. Our experts will take your room dimensions (including a door / window opening) and design a lead brick configuration using our standard 1″ or 2″ thick interlocking bricks which will minimize cuts, material waste and cost. The room design is captured in Solidworks CAD and we will provide detailed drawings to be used as a construction and costing aid. You will receive ;

  • Bill of material showing estimated quantities and brick sizes
  • Expected brick cut size and location identified
  • Specific recommended placement of bricks by size and type (Straight, Corner, Bottom)
  • Architectural Drawings delivered in .pdf format
  • 3D Model provided in .edrw (Solidworks) or .step (Neutral file)

These services can also be made available at NO COST because MarShield will rebate the cost of producing the 3D model and drawings against your purchase of the quantity of interlocking bricks specified.

See more information on our 3D Room Drawings here and feel free to contact our product engineering specialists at MarShield anytime for a consultation (800-381-5335).

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