Confidence in the safety of your workplace should not be a luxury. With Nanotek technology, we offer a safer, more environmentally friendly, lead-free solution to traditionally lead-based radiation shielding products. It’s lightweight. Flexible and can be used in construction and incorporated into many of MarShield’s products. And it’s the future, now.

  • Non-Toxic

    Rest easy knowing that you’re shielding products are safe and non-toxic.

  • Lightweight

    Enjoy the ease that comes with lighter-than-lead materials.

  • Fully Customizable

    We work with you to deliver a superior product tailored to fit your needs.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

    Do the right thing by investing in materials that are more eco-friendly.


Introduce the safety of lead-free and lightweight radiation shielding technology into your workplace. With easy installation, and the flexibility and customizable opportunities that Nanotek technology offers, we offer complete solutions to cover you when you need it most.

  • X-Ray & Cyclotron Room Construction:

    • With an installation-friendly build, our non-toxic alternative to sheet lead that can be accompanied by an adhesive backing for easy installation to drywall, plywood or existing walls.
    • It can be cut and wrapped around studs for efficient on-site installation.
    • We can customize to meet your preferences. Whether you require straight or interlocking bricks or blocks, blankets, panels, or one of MarShield’s core products, we can build to meet your needs.
  • Incorporate Nanotek into Common Shielding Products:

    • Make your rolling, stationary, or modular barriers, booths, and wall E-Z panels safer, lighter, and lead-free with Nanotek technology.
    • Shield and protect your doors, storage containers, cabinets, waste and decay drums.
    • Keep patients and employees safe with lead-free blankets, hanging blankets, and airport screening curtains.
    • Any custom products you may need – we’re always up for a challenge!


Incredibly versatile with uncompromising protection. There’s no limit to what Nanotek technology can be applied to.

  • Shielded Waste / Decay Drums



  • Doors



  • Rolling Barriers



  • Stationary Barriers


  • Bricks and Blocks


  • Lined Drywall


  • Rolled Sheet


  • E-Z Panels


  • Shielding Blanket



    Facility Curtains



    Security Curtains



    Protective Clothing