Lead Lined Furniture & Cabinets

cabinet_blogMarShield manufactures a wide range of standard or custom designed lead lined furniture and cabinets suitable for nuclear medicine or radiochemistry laboratories. Our comprehensive line is tailored and designed to meet your specific requirements and we ensure that all of our designs are completely functional with their surroundings.


  • Decay Cabinets
  • Unit Dose Cabinets
  • Preparation Enclosure
  • Base Cabinets
  • Radioisotopes
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Waste Cabinets
  • Pet Unit Dose Cabinets
  • Phantom Cabinets


  • Standard models are available with three optional lead thicknesses: ¼”, ½” or 1”
  • Custom models available with lead thicknesses: ¼” to 6” or more
  • All lead used in the fabrication of our cabinets is ASTM B-29 pure lead 99.94% minimum
  • All sides of cabinet including the cupboard door and drawerface are lead lined with encapsulated lead
  • Each cabinet is designed with 4+” high adjustable legsto make it easier to install or move with a forklift
  • All shelves and drawers offer 100 lb capacity with drawer or shelf fully extended
  • Removable easy glide drawers for cleaning and decontamination
  • All standard models have anoption for 304 stainless steel surface with a #4 finish and 4” high backsplash
  • Individual, key locked drawers and doors to prevent unauthorized use
  • Heavy duty hinges and locks

When “Safety & Success must be Absolutely Assured”, call the radiation shielding specialists at Marshield for a design consultation.