Lead lined Storage Containers

“… Lead Lined Storage Containers which are functional and fit radiation code requirements”


MarShield manufactures a comprehensive line of custom designed leadlined storage containers designed to meet your exact requirements. We employ a fully qualified design team to help with every step of the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from A36 or 44W carbon steel with a stainless steel option available
  • Lead lined or filled with ASTM B-29 pure lead, 99.94% grade
  • Grounded smooth from sharp corners and edges
  • All lead fully encapsulated with no exposured
  • Lead shielding sized to from 1/32” to over 2”
  • Heavy duty hinges and locks


  • Radioactive Material
  • Transportation
  • Vial Pigs For PET & Other
  • High Energy Radionuclides
  • unit Dose For Radiopharmaceuticals

Feel free to call our product engineering specialists at MarShield anytime for a consultation.