Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Radiation Shielding

Limiting exposure to radiation is achieved by using materials that maximize shielding. The denser the material, the higher degree of shielding it provides. With a density approximately 1.7 timers higher than lead, Tungsten Heavy Alloy shielding guarantees radiation exposure is kept to a minimum. It is a viable option for many applications where lead is not feasible and is strong and highly customizable into precision components.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Applications

Tungsten Heavy Alloy is the best choice for medical and industrial settings that require radiation shielding. It provides excellent value and uses less material than lead to provide the same level of absorption.

Radiation Protection – Nuclear, Medical, and NDT

An excellent material for shielding, Tungsten Heavy Alloy guarantees minimum radiation exposure and ensures ALARA goals in the workplace. Machinability, radiographic density, strength, low toxicity, and heat resistance allow for superior design adaptability vs. other shielding materials.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy shielding is not subject to NRC, EPA and OSHA regulations for special constraints and is used as:

  • Isotope Vials and Containers
  • Custom Shielding Components
  • Collimators for X-ray Detectors
  • Multi-Leaf Collimators
  • Collimators for Radiosurgery

Featured Products

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    MarShield’s T-Flex® products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum. Ideal for applications that require custom moldable shapes along with flexibility, such as small bore pipe, elbows and valves. T-Flex® products are non-toxic and available as blankets, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles, and molded shapes.

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