New Magnetic Non-Lead Radiation Shielding Product From Marshield !

Silflex single sided shieldingMarshield is now producing SILFLEX PREMIUM MAGNETIC SHIELDING systems for large-diameter pipes, reactor walls and anything made from carbon steel, that attach in seconds or minutes. The best part is no secondary attachment is required in most applications. In addition, this allows plant personnel to adapt this product according to dose-rate surveys. This allows extra shielding in seconds to areas that require attenuation.

The single sided magnetic sheets are ideal for attaching to magnetically permeable surfaces such as carbon steel. These sheets are ideal for quick, easy and secure installation. Single-sided magnetic sheets work great with our lightweight shield racks or portable walls designed specifically to allow the use of our sheet magnetic products.
Silflex double sided shielding
The double sided magnetic sheets are ideal for shielding stainless steel pipes up to 30” in diameter. Small pipes up to 12” can be shielded as quickly as 1.4 seconds per lineal foot. Since the material adheres to itself and cannot be wrapped or stacked, these sheets are ideal for shielding areas that are not magnetic.

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