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MarShield Radiation Protection specs (Section 13090/13 49 00) are now available in CSI 3-Part format on Section 13 49 00 includes:

A. Lead Sheet and Plate.
B. Interlocking Lead Bricks.
C. Straight Lead Bricks.
D. Lead-Laminated Gypsum Board.
E. Radiation-Shielded Doors.
F. Lead-Lined Doors and Door Frames.
G. Radiation Shielding Leaded Glass.
H. Radiation Shielding X-Ray Safety Glass.
I. Radiation Shielding Glass X-Ray Barriers.
J. Lead-Lined View Windows and Window Frames.
K. Borated Polyethylene.
L. Related Accessories.

Additionally, MarShield has made CAD details available for the following products:

– Interlocking Lead Bricks
– Lead-Lined Drywall
– Lead Lined Cabinets

About MarShield

MarShield is an experienced and widely proven partner for corporations, institutions, the military and government seeking a full-service provider of radiation protection solutions. Since 1977, MarShield lead radiation protection, storage and shielding products have brought value to various commercial markets including nuclear, medical, veterinary and dental, as well as institutions and government bodies engaged in scientific research through to military operations and national defence. MarShield services clients in the USA, Canada and targeted international markets worldwide.

MarShield has developed an impressive reputation among knowledgeable specifiers and purchasers for its capacity to deliver custom orders quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. MarShield provides a complete range of standard products including: lead aprons, lead-lined blankets and curtains; lead shields and barriers; lead-lined doors, windows and frames; cabinets; and many other types of radiation shielding – all of which can be conveniently ordered individually or in quantity.

When success must be absolutely assured, MarShield is trusted to provide guaranteed optimal lead radiation protection with every product.


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