Case Study: Modular Radiation Shielding Barrier Installation at Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton

The Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, approached MarShield, faced with the challenge of protecting staff from radiation emitted from a Spect camera – a nuclear medicine device that generates low amounts of radiation. The solution required MarShield to design and manufacture a modular radiation shielding barrier in the nuclear medicine room between the operators and the Spect camera.

Modular barriers are essential in protecting medical personnel from exposure to harmful radiation. They maintain an “open concept” environment through lead safety glass window viewing panels and offer quick, clean, and easy installation.

The modular radiation shielding barrier was manufactured using solid panels lined with 1/16” sheet lead and faced with beige ABS. The lead was fully encapsulated. The construction also included a lead shielded seam plate at the vertical corner joint and horizontal between lead glass and bottom panels. The window was 36” high with lead safety glass that was 1/16” lead equivalent.

Product Specifications 

  • Panel One: 48” wide x 66” high with 36” high window and 30” solid bottom panel
  • Panel Two: 24” wide x 66” high with 36” high window and 30” solid bottom panel

After the modular barrier was installed, staff at the hospital were able to work freely behind the screen without being targeted by harmful secondary radiation from the Spect camera.  The previous barrier installed in the room presented a tripping hazard and took lots of space. The design provided by MarShield eliminated the tripping hazard while saving space. The staff at the hospital were happy with the solution provided.

MarShield can provide customized modular radiation shielding barriers to suit individual applications based on architectural specs or a custom concept we help our clients create. The units are extremely adaptable and designed to accommodate future modifications and expansions.

Find more information on MarShield’s modular barriers and walls here, or feel free to contact our product engineers for a consultation.

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