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MarShield Nuclear is a Premier North American Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Nuclear Radiation Shielding and Solutions.

MarShield has been manufacturing a wide range of quality radiation shielding products for the nuclear industry since 1979. Our specialty is custom design and manufacturing. We enjoy assisting our customers from product development through to completion. With our years of experience, we have learned how to optimize shielding to make it user friendly while minimizing dose intake. Our quality management system certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and CAN3 – Z299.2:85. We work with our customers to ensure a system of quality controls that meets their needs and specified requirements.

MarShield is the industry expert in lead castings and lead pours for the nuclear industry. We help our customers from the initial stages of product development right through to a complete, lead filled shielding component. We use a minimum of 99.94% pure lead for nuclear applications and we have continuous pouring capabilities of up to 100,000 lbs. We have developed extensive documented pouring procedures to AECL standards and have an excellent track record of ensuring there are no voids in the lead shielding. We offer optional Cobalt-60 integrity testing on site to confirm the quality of our lead pours.

Silflex is our flexible non-lead alternative shielding solution. With a silicone base and options for tungsten, bismuth or iron as the shielding component, we customize each solution to the customers’ desired attenuation, budget and design. Common Silflex applications include pipe wraps, which are designed for hot spot shielding on decaying pipes, and flooring, which has a cushioned surface and is made in square tiles for quick installation. All Silflex products can be equipped with our patented magnetic technology which allows for attachment to any carbon steel surface. We also provide Silflex lead wool blanket replacement shielding that utilizes a superior, cost competitive substitute of bismuth/iron. The lead replacement blankets are half the weight of lead and offer an optional color layer on top which can be used as a slick microlayer to wipe off any surface contamination.

MarShield manufactures lead lined cabinets and containers. We offer both standard and custom options in nuclear storage and transportation. Our standard cabinets come in designs suited for storage, waste and decay and come in lead thicknesses from 1/4” to 1”. We utilize overlaps in our designs to ensure there are no shielding gaps and supply heavy duty hardware designed to handle the lead weight over time. We offer customization such as stainless steel tops, locking doors and drawers and magnetic closures to meet your needs. We also offer custom lead lined cabinets with shielding >1”. Our storage containers are made to order and are designed to handle the weight of lead while being easy to use for our customers. Customization includes gas powered lift assists, numerous handle configurations and heavy duty casters for ease of mobility.

MarShield specializes in many other nuclear shielding products such as lead bricks, lead lined barriers, borated polyethylene, lead wool blankets, and lead shot. You can contact us for a quote at or give us a call at (800) 381-5335.