A Gamma and Neutron Radiation Prize Fighter !

acdc_cabinetThis little competitor was not sure whether he wanted to be a winner in Gamma or Neutron radiation shielding when he grew up. So he decided to weigh in at 5000 lbs and be a prize fighter in both categories ! He has a top lead lined cabinet (16″ high x 20″ wide x 20″ deep) designed for Gamma radiation shielding and a bottom borated polyethelene lined cabinet (32” high x 20” wide x 20” deep) designed for a Neutron radiation shielding application.

top_acdcThe cabinets are constructed in mild carbon steel (A36W) with smooth rounded corners and has grey polyurethane enamel applied to all the interior and exterior surfaces and weighs in at 5000lbs. The top cabinet is lead shielded with 4” thick pure lead encapsulated on all sides, top, bottom and door face with no exposed lead. The bottom cabinet is lined with 5% borated polyethylene material using 1” thick material bolted together to create 4” thick of neutron shielding placed on all sides, top, and door face. The bottom cabinet also has a floor level loading door system with special structural reinforcement to allow the operator to easily roll heavy items in and out.

Each cabinet includes a single cupboard door with two (2) lockable latches and the door face design includes a step down notch design seating inside frame for better-sealed protection against radiation loss. The top cabinet included a fixed removable shelf and there were external lifting lugs on both cabinets.

So give the experts at MarShield a call if you have a difficult radiation shielding fight to win !