2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results – 99.4% !

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and ISO 9000 certification, we recently conducted our annual 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey and sent out a questionnaire to our customers. We asked the following questions …

1. How would you rate the Quality of our products ?
2. How would you rate the TIMELINESS of our delivery ?
3. How would you rate the QUALITY of the service you received ?
4. How would you rate our RESPONSIVENESS to your needs ?
5. How would you rate your OVERALL satisfaction with our service ?

The results we got back made us feel GREAT about the service we provide our customers.

We had 2 replies saying that we needed to Improve a bit, 81 saying our customers were Satisfied with our service and a whopping 257 responses rating us as Good. When we added the numbers up our overall 2016 Customer Satisfaction Rating was 99.4% !

We want to thank all of our customers that took the time to participate in the survey and look forward to providing the same or better service in 2017. As a special thank you for helping us we picked 4 of the respondents and sent them of a $50 Starbucks eGift card so they can enjoy some goodies on us !