T-Flex Tungsten, Bismuth Blankets

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MarShield offers a competitively priced leaded wool blanket replacement product with unique advantages

T-Flex non-hazardous shielding blankets are a proprietary blend of bismuth and iron powders optimized to provide equivalent attenuation to either a 10 lb/ft or 15 lb/ft lead wool product at approximately 50% of the weight. T-Flex blankets are designed are designed to provide a flexible and durable industrial grade product that will provide 20 years of service. The homogeneous matrix does not settle or break and can be cleaned with wet wipes.

NFPA 805 – Minimum Combustible or Exempt Estimated Heat Content – 1364 Btu/lb
LEACH PRODUCTS – Chlorine – 10 ppm, Fluorine-4 ppm, Total-14 ppm, Sulfur-180 ppm, Zinc-125 ppm
* Testing results as reported by Bridgeport Testing Laboratory, Inc. for ANO.

Chemical Resistance

Highly resistant to exposure to Boric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide with virtually no change in physical properties after 168 hours of exposure. Excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.

Material Ruggedness

Highly resistant to physical abuse including puncture except material does cut with sharp scissors or other cutting devices. Very good abrasion and tear resistance

Material Compatibility

Compatible with galvanized, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Certified in independent testing by the US Nuclear Power Plants for use on stainless steel piping under US 10 CFR 50 Appendix B quality system. The information herein is given in good faith but no warranty, expressed or implied, is made. Dose Rate Reduction Data as reported by ANO under US 10 CFR 50 Appendix B quality system.


T-Flex® Gamma Attenuation (PDF)

T-Flex® Lead Blankets Brochure (PDF)