T-Flex Pipe Shielding

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Ideal for small bore pipe applications. Engineered to be within weight limitations while maximizing attenuation. Cinch straps are include for each section of pipe shielding.


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Pipe SizeMaterialAttenuationT-Flex® ODLb/ft
1″ (1.315″)T-Flex® Tungsten50%3.1″19
1″ (1.315″)T-Flex® Bismuth50%3.8″20
1″ (1.315″)T-Flex® Tungsten75%4.8″50
1″ (1.315″)T-Flex® Bismuth75%6.2″58
2″ (2.375″)T-Flex® Tungsten50%4.2″28
2″ (2.375″)T-Flex® Bismuth50%4.9″29
2″ (2.375″)T-Flex® Tungsten75%5.9″69
2″ (2.375″)T-Flex® Bismuth75%7.3″75
3″ (3.5″)T-Flex® Tungsten50%5.3″37
3″ (3.5″)T-Flex® Bismuth50%6.0″38
3″ (3.5″)T-Flex® Tungsten75%7.0″87
3″ (3.5″)T-Flex® Bismuth75%8.4″92

T-Flex® Gamma Attenuation