Shield and Protect Yourself with Nanotek Technology

With Nanotek technology, we offer a safer, more environmentally friendly, lead-free solution to traditionally lead-based radiation shielding products.

The Benefits of Nanotek Technology

Non-Toxic: Rest easy knowing that your shielding products are safe and non-toxic.
Lightweight: Enjoy the ease that comes with lighter-than-lead materials.
Fully Customizable: We work with you to deliver a superior product tailored to fit your needs.
Environmentally-Friendly: Do the right thing by investing in materials that are more eco-friendly.

Introduce the safety of lead-free and lightweight radiation shielding technology into your workplace. With easy installation, flexibility and customizable opportunities that Nanotek technology offers.

Incorporate Nanotek into Common Shielding Products

Incredibly versatile with uncompromising protection. There’s no limit to what Nanotek technology can be applied to. Some examples include:

  • X-Ray & Cyclotron Room Construction
  • Shielded Waste and Decay Drums
  • Rolling Barriers
  • Lined Drywall
  • Stationary Barriers
  • Curtains

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About the Author

Paul Rochus

Paul Rochus is the Business Development Executive and a Shielding Technician at MarShield Radiation Shielding since January 2019. Before his time at MarShield, Paul completed his Bachelors of Engineering from McMaster University in Engineering Physics with a focus on Nuclear Engineering and Energy Systems. At McMaster, Paul developed knowledge in radiation safety and interaction of radiation with matter, as well as nuclear reactor design and analysis.