Lead Wool Shielding Blankets

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MarShield has 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of leaded wool blankets

We now offer Silflex blankets as a non lead alternative that has unique advantages. Click here for more details.

MarShield has 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of leaded radiation shielding products. We can advise on various materials to use and can supply any configuration for lead blankets to best address your requirements.


MarShield lead blankets are made using lead wool, but lead plate is available. Lead wool is the preferred material due to its flexibility in handling. It consists of fine strands of lead from .005 to .015 inch diameter, of varying length. MarShield supplies lead wool products in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. We compact this interlaced wool in a random orientation to ensure consistent attention without streaming.


Cover materials two types:
1. Vinyl laminated nylon sheeting can be exposed to temperatures of 125°F max. The colour of vinyl laminated covers is usually yellow, but other colours are available.
2. Silicon-impregnated fibreglass can be exposed to temperatures of 500°F max. The colour of the high temperature fibreglass material is gray.


All MarShield lead wool blankets are constructed by encapsulating the lead within an inner cover to contain the lead, and then a heavier outer cover for added protection and durability. Materials used for inner and outer covers can be vinyl-laminated nylon, urethane-laminated nylon, or silicon-impregnated fibreglass fabric (for high temperatures.) Inner covers of lead wool blankets are sewn in a quilted pattern to prevent shifting of the lead wool when blankets are draped or hung. The materials used for inner covers are typically 10 oz. weight, with heat sealed seams or sewn seams as appropriate.

Outer covers are made using heavier weight material (typ. 18 oz.), with edge seams heat sealed or sewn as required. Perimeter grommets are installed on the outer cover border edge to facilitate job site placement or hanging from racks. Number 5 grommets (5/8″ ID) at 12″ spacing are standard. Grommet size, type and spacing can be as specified by your requirements.

Lead Blanket Thickness Chart


Where greater shielding is required, multiple blankets can be stacked to achieve a linear reduction in dose rate.

Lead Blanket Specifications


Note: Dimensions indicate size of lead wool “cake.” Outer border edge with grommets extends about 2″ beyond lead on all sides. MarShield also supplies lead plate blankets in rectangular and Gore (tapered) shapes upon request.

Lead Wool Blanket

Cut away of a lead wool blanket

Lead Wool Blanket Information Sheet