T-Flex Shielding Blankets (Lead Wool Replacement)

“…non-hazardous T-Flex shielding blankets often a better solution to lead wool shielding blankets.”

flexshield_pic98zMarShield now offers an excellent alternative to lead wool shielding blankets with our T-flex product. T-Flex shielding blankets are fabricated from a proprietary blend of bismuth and iron powders optimized to provide equivalent attenuation to either a 10 lb/ft or 15 lb/ft lead wool products at approximately 50% of the weight. T-Flex lead replacement sheets are designed to provide a flexible and durable industrial grade product that will provide 20 years of service.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly resistant to exposure to Boric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide
  • Excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.
  • 50% lighter and smaller for equivalent attenuation to lead wool blankets
  • Highly resistant to physical abuse including puncture
  • Material can be to size for unique applications
  • Compatible with galvanized, carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Does not settle or break and can be cleaned with wet wipes
  • -50 to 250° C operating temperature
  • Minimum combustible or exempt estimated heat content – 1364 Btu/lb
  • Available with or without grommets


  • Scaffold Shielding
  • Platform Shielding
  • Stackable Dose Reduction
  • Large Area Hot Spots
  • Temporary Work Stations

We recently submitted our T-Flex Lead Blankets to a US Navy laboratory for independent testing of exposure to various levels of Caesium-137.

See more information on our T-Flex Shielding Blankets here and feel free to contact our product engineering specialists at MarShield anytime for a consultation (800-381-5335).