FlexShield (Lead Alternative)

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FlexShield is Marshield’s lead alternative, highly customizable shielding silicone based product designed for radiation hot spots focused on ALARA principles

MarShield introduces a new radiation shielding product, FlexShield – a product made up of flexible, tungsten-impregnated, silicone pieces. This versatile form or shielding comes in a variety of shapes for use in many hard-to-shield applications. It is non-toxic, easy to work with and cut, and the lightest shielding available at 4.5 lbs per square foot. It is ideal for shielding small pipes, such as those smaller than 1″ in diameter. This non-hazardous product offers effective radiation protection wherever it is needed. It is highly resilient to boric acid and sodium hydroxide, and can be used in temperatures ranging from -50º to 250ºC

Benefits of FlexShield

  • .5” of FlexShield is equal to a HVL (50% reduction in dose rate)
  • 1.2” to 2”  FlexShield is equal to a TVL (90% reduction in dose rate)
  • Approximately 4.5 lbs./sq. ft. of FlexShield is equal to 10 lbs./sq.  ft.  of lead wool.
  • Temperature from -50°C to +250°C.
  • Resistant to Boric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide.
  • FlexShield requires no resealing and can be easily trimmed

Available Products and Sizes


FlexShield sheets are a great alternative to lead blankets. They provide the same attenuation as a lead blanket with half the weight, and unlike lead they do not lose effectiveness over time. They are easy to clean, and eliminate the possibility of any “mixed waste” costs. Sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses.

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This is the most versatile piece of shielding that we offer. It is easy and convenient to apply making it the perfect tool for taking care of emergency “hot spot” situations. FlexShield tape can be wrapped around pipes, elbows, valves, etc. At 1/8” thick this product is less than 0.7 lbs. per linear ft. and is equivalent to a 10 lb. lead wool blanket. Standard tape widths are 1.75” and 3.75”. They are available in 1/8“ to 1/2” thicknesess, and the standard length is 15’ (other sizes are available upon request).

FlexShield Tape

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Pipe Wraps

Shielding a pipe doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. FlexShield pipe wraps are a convenient and quick solution for shielding pipes, elbows, tees and valves. This product is custom-made to fit the specified diameter, width, thickness and height of the pipe being shielded. FlexShield pipe wraps can be engineered to meet weight and size restrictions. FlexShield pipe Wraps are a great solution for shielding pipes that are small or in hard to reach areas.

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This is a great product for shielding solid or grated platforms. Not only does flooring provide a quick installation of excellent shielding, it provides workers with a cushioned work surface for kneeling. Standard flooring thickness is 1.25”, which provides approximately a HVL. Flooring manufactured using FlexShield weighs approximately 18 lbs./sq. ft. It has a textured surface and is available with or without yellow coloring. Other thicknesses and materials are available upon request.

FlexShield Flooring

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FlexShield is perfect for custom applications. Pieces can be made to be flexible, or rigid and firm. If you have a complex shape that needs shielding, provide a picture or drawing and we can design or help you design the perfect shielding package.

FlexShield Custom Products

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Grommets: Make hanging or securing products easier during installation.
Magnets:  New powdered premium magnetics available for FME (foreign material exclusion) purposes as well as a discrete magnet option
Metal: Adds support to the shielding. Almost all products are available with metal components when needed.
Permanent: Depending on application FlexShield may be installed as a permanent shielding solution for up to 40+ years.

Reactor Face Shielding

With 1” thick shielding built to the design of the reactor face we have confirmed 30 to 40% dose reduction in the general area. Considering the number of man hours spent in front of the reactor face this has proven to be a very significant reduction. This shielding is custom built for each reactor face and is installed across several nuclear power plants in Canada and the USA.

Neutron Shielding

Composite shielding effective for gamma and neutron fields is now available for your Dry Fuel Storage campaigns. This high temperature shielding easily withstands the heat generated during forced helium drying which allows shielding to remain in place during the dewatered phase. A special blend of shielding material moderates and attenuates both fast and intermediate neutrons while the outer tungsten layer eliminates primary and secondary gammas. The lightweight design allows access to the weld locations without disturbing the majority of the shield package. 80-95% reductions in exposure rates have been achieved in field applications.


Gamma rays – Very penetrating and are best stopped or shielded by dense materials, such as lead or uranium. Gamma rays are similar to x-rays.
HVL (Half Value Layer) – the amount of shielding material to achieve 50% reduction in dose rate
TVL (Tenth Value Layer) – the amount of shielding material to achieve 90% reduction in dose rate
Radioactive Source – the radioactive element (e.g. Co-60)
Attenuation – the reduction in dose rate. (Eg., HVL or TVL)