Hot Cells & Glove Boxes

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MarShield has partnered with Premier Technology of Blackfoot Idaho, USA as their certified / trusted vendor providing poured lead and lead shielding components for Premier’s sophisticated HotCell and Glovebox technology projects. Premier Technology is a private woman-owned company founded in 1996 which has through the use of science and technology become a leader in global markets with innovative ideas, design and solutions. Premier has grown to be a full service engineering, custom manufacturing and construction management company employing nearly 300 highly skilled professionals.

Our partner Premier has the ability to execute vertically integrated design-to-delivery projects from engineering, design, fabrication, and machining through to testing, integration and field services in-house under their certified NQA-1 program with “Buy American Act” compliance. Premier’s reputation of delivering on-time, quality work has gained the trust of its clients affording them opportunities to serve as a resource on a wide variety of projects.

Hot Cells

hot-cell-crop1Hot Cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They provide a safe containment box in which operators can control and manipulate the equipment required. The main uses of hot cells are in the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine, specifically in the production of radiopharmaceuticals. They are also used in cleanroom environments for scientific research. Premier Technology has designed and built dozens of radiation shielding hotcells for both domestic and international customers including DOE laboratories, universities, and medical isotope producers. From engineering, design, and manufacturing in their facility to installation and commissioning at the clients location, in-house experts will ensure that your custom hotcell meets all your expectations.

Premier’s hotcell design includes a proprietary interlocking lead brick to improve seismic stability and mitigate the chance of any shine paths. For applications where lead is not an option, stacked steel plates with offset hole patterns can be used. Mobile hotcells add the operational flexibility to relocate a hotcell or row of hotcells to accommodate future facility needs and our joint experience includes a variety of isotopes including Molybdenum 99, Cesium-131, Ho-166, Y-90, and others. Devices such as manipulators, transfer systems, and transport/packaging systems are routinely integrated into these solutions. Whether the hotcell is built-to-print or you are starting with functional requirements, Premier and MarShield’s experts are ready to partner with you to provide a safe and productive shielded environment for your operators.

Glove Boxes

Glove-Box_crop1Premier Technology has been an industry leading supplier of custom gloveboxes for nearly two decades. Capabilities include engineering and design, fabrication, electrical wiring, PLC design and integration, testing, and installation. Premier has integrated numerous pieces of ancillary equipment into glovebox designs including shield doors, transfer ports, cranes, bogies, autoclaves, material testing equipment, and material handling systems. Members of the Premier team are actively involved in industry associations such as the American Glovebox Society and currently serve on the Standards Development Committee and the Board of Directors.

Radiation Shielding Windows

In addition to providing complete hotcells, Premier has extensive experience designing and building radiation shielding windows. To date, they have provided more than QTY 100 shielding windows for government and commercial projects with thicknesses ranging from single slabs of glass to multi-slab window assemblies with a concrete equivalency of more than 48 inches. This window design offers ease of initial window installation and eliminates the need for stud welding and the inherent wall panel warping it creates. This design also minimizes the potential for glass breakage when the window glass is installed. The patented New Generation Bolt-In Window Frames, were specifically designed by Premier Technology engineers to provide innovative solutions for replacing windows without welding or grinding in contaminated areas.


  • Nuclear Materials Science
  • Nuclear Fuel Research & Development
  • Waste Characterization and Reprocessing
  • Medical Isotope Production

Quality Assurance

Premier Technology has successfully executed more than 1,000 projects under our ASME NQA-1 program and is the first company in history to receive ASME NQA-1 certification. In addition to ASME NQA-1, Premier’s quality assurance programs and certifications include:

  • ASME Section VIII
  • ASME Section III: “NPT” and “NA” Stamps as well as “NS” and “MO” Certificates
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • 10CFR21
  • National Board “R” Stamp
  • ASME Code Stamps “U” & “S”
  • ISO 9001 Compliant
  • MIL-I-45208 Compliant