Silflexing Our Muscles !

MarShield Radiation & Shielding is proud to have recently supplied 1’x2’x0.5” Silflex premium magnetic shielding sheets to a large Canadian nuclear power plant. The Silflex sheets are being used as a replacement to existing lead blankets which have proven to be difficult to attach to the source.
These magnetic radiation shielding sheets are adding to the shielding in flasks used for a single fuel channel replacement. The existing flasks have shown high dose rates in recent campaigns so additional shielding was required after the flasks come out of the vault. As a result radiation technicians will no longer be receiving high dosage while adjusting lead blankets which tended to shift during transportation.

Silflex is a non-lead alternative constructed from of flexible, tungsten-impregnated silicone. This versatile form of shielding comes in a variety of shapes for use in many hard-to-shield applications.

 It is non-toxic, easy to work with and cut, and is the lightest shielding available at 4.5 lbs per square foot. This non-hazardous product offers effective radiation protection wherever it is needed, is highly resilient to boric acid and sodium hydroxide and can be used in temperatures ranging from -50º to 250ºC.

For a consultation on the use of Silflex in your Nuclear Energy application contact the radiation shielding specialists at MarShield.