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  • Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms for Temporary Hospital Sites

    Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms for Temporary Hospital Sites

    As we continue to tackle COVID-19, now more than ever the medical industry requires modular x-ray shielding rooms. These full body shielding units are designed to protect medical personnel from harmful secondary radiation and can be used either at a hospital or an outdoor clinic. MarShield is a leading North American manufacturer of custom modular […]

  • Lead Lined Cabinets Custom Designed for Your Needs

    Lead lined cabinets are utilized across a wide variety of industries including hospitals, nuclear medicine and the nuclear power industry. Some of the applications of shielded cabinets are for storing radioisotopes, radioactive waste, and providing shielding while operating x-ray tubes and protecting sensitive electronic devices from external radiation damage. MarShield’s shielded cabinets are custom manufactured, […]

  • Design Tips and Considerations for a Successful Nuclear Lead Pour

    The Nuclear industry often requires large radiation shields made primarily from lead. One common method is to pour lead into a steel fabrication. The metal shell protects the lead in a durable casing that holds up better over time. This also ensures that any risk of lead exposure is minimized as the lead is sealed […]